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Product Description

◆ cantilever double template clamping system
◆ servo motor pump drive
◆ ultra-low deviation precision production
◆ sufficient space for mold mounting, suitable for larger mold
◆ easy operation and maintenance
◆ detachable injection unit can be turned out laterally
◆ configure injection units 16 and 45 for rapid injection
◆ only 1.9 m2 of land area
Screw Diameter:14mm,18mm,22mm,24mm,28mm,32mm
Max injection:6.2cm3,20.4cm3,30.4cm3,43cm3,58.5cm3,76.4cm3
Max injection force(default):2539bar,2224bar,1489bar,2739bar,2655bar,2231bar,1639bar,1255bar
Clamp force:350kN
Tie rod space:280 x 254mm
Max template open:300mm
Max rod stroke:80(130)(150)mm