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Product Description

◆ servo motor pump drive
◆ four tie rod, cantilever type double template clamping system
◆ adequate spacing between the tie rod and the formwork
◆ screw L/D ratio optimization
◆ proportional valve highly accurate control of the moving template
◆ easy follow template back with thimble
◆ detachable injection unit can be turned out laterally
◆ stabilize the machine structure and assemble the oil tank
◆ when speed is needed, the injection unit of SP 56/SP 69/SP 82 can be selected
◆ provide different screws for processing thermoplastic materials, thermosetting materials, LSR and rubber
◆ compact model design, only need a small area
◆ EconPlast plasticizing unit with high abrasion resistance is optional
Screw Diameter:14mm,18mm,22mm,24mm,28mm,32mm
Max injection:20.4cm3,30.4cm3,43cm3,58.5cm3,76.4cm3,73.9cm3,96.5cm3,136.1cm3,166.3cm3
Max injection force(default):1508bar,1235bar,1489bar,2739bar,2277bar,1913bar,1405bar,1076bar,2778bar,2127bar,1508bar,1235bar
Clamp force:600kN
Tie rod space:360 x 335mm
Max template open:650mm
Max rod stroke:80(130)(150)mm