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Micro injection mold makers should pay attention to the assembly technical requirements

2023-05-12 00:00:00

Mould is widely used in the whole industrial field.  In the whole process of mold production, we need to pay attention to many problems, especially the micro injection mold. If a little problem occurs in the production link, it will affect the production of the whole micro injection mold.  Therefore, micro injection mold makers should not only pay attention to product design, but ignore mold manufacturing.  

Assembly is the last process after all the processing is completed, it plays a decisive role in the whole mold manufacturing .  For micro injection mold makers, they should be strict with assembly workshop management and operating personnel, micro injection mold makers not only pay attention to the product quality prosecution, but pay more attention to mold parts processed data management, and the appearance of the mold maintenance, at the same time they should require assembly operators have good quality consciousness and operating technique.  

The good or bad of a set of micro injection mold assembly directly affects the performance and quality of micro injection mold, so micro injection mold makers must pay attention to the following assembly requirements in assembly:  

1. When assembling, the parting surface should be flat or not easy to repair as a benchmark  

2. The horizontal plane of the dynamic fixed mold shall be grinded  

3.Guide column and guide sleeve to maintain a certain degree of cooperation, and to grasp the verticality of the fixed mold  

4. Pay attention to the position of each part when disassembling the mold, and there should be a certain matching mark when necessary  

5. Parts must be cleaned up before assembly, without burr, flaking, oxide skin, rust, corrosion, cutting, dust, etc., no bump and scratch of parts are allowed in the assembly process  

6. If multiple screws are used to secure the same part, the screws must be crossed and symmetrical tightened  

7. Each seal must be soaked with oil before assembly  

8. Parts to be assembled must be approved by the inspection department before assembly  

Because the micro injection mould has the characteristics of high precision and high complexity, the micro injection mould makers must do a good job in the prosecution of every link, especially the assembly step, to control the overall situation, to win the market with details.