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Mold making in Mexico thrives

2023-08-23 00:00:00

Mexico's automotive industry has experienced exponential growth over the past few years.

The automotive industry, as a leader in manufacturing, is a microcosm of the rise of manufacturing in Mexico. And the mold industry is the main means of production in the automotive industry, and mold making in Mexico thrives due to the boom of the automotive industry.

Convenient transportation conditions, huge demographic dividend, complete industrial system, open free market, these advantages have ushered in its own golden opportunity period for Mexico's mold making industry. More importantly, the bordering U.S.-Mexico border also brings great convenience to Mexico's manufacturing industry in terms of transportation costs and transportation cycles, which is an advantage that no other country can match and cannot be ignored.

Today, in Mexico, it is not difficult for manufacturers to find strong supply chain companies that can perform stamping, casting and forging, as well as complex processes such as injection molding, semiconductor and machining. Mold makers in Mexico are also getting more opportunities for development.

As a professional mold maker in Mexico, AC Group is committed to producing high-quality plastic injection molds, plastic steel molds and aluminum die-casting molds. After years of development, we have achieved excellent results in the plastic injection mold market for export of automobiles, home appliances, electronic industry and medical products.