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2021-07-19 00:00:00

As we all know, mold design and production capacity is the core competition point of precision mold manufacturers.

Precision mold manufacturers must have the ability to collaborate with customers in design, rapid development of the mold, and rapid production.Therefore, the competition in precision mold manufacturers to a large extent is the mold design and development ability.

The production mode of the products of AC company has the characteristics of production of pieces,customized production,producing according to sales. We can design and develop molds for customers according to their customized needs, and make use of relevant molds to produce the corresponding parts and components according to customer orders. In the mold development stage, the company relies on its own technical advantages and equipment advantages, it can quickly complete the design and manufacture of precision mold, complex mold manufacturing cycle between 18-25 days on average, which has a certain competitive advantage.

We always take precision, low cost, quick response mold manufacturing as the core, synchronous design with customers, and long-term cooperation with end customers to establish a deep relationship.

The company takes mold technology as the core, binds high-quality customers, and its products are widely involved in automobile, medical, electronics, home appliances and other mold fields.To provide customers with their own production of precision molds, to achieve a full range of industrial chain service for customers."The precision mold will be used with the German Dr. Boy injection molding machine sold by the company to meet the requirements of high processing accuracy and low energy consumption in the overall operation effect."Customized production allows companies to avoid price wars caused by standardized products, and more importantly, the ability to quickly meet customers' personalized needs helps companies achieve more sustainable and stable development in the competition."

AC company will base on its own precision molds technology advantages and strong manufacturing capacity, combine with automation, lean and mass production management mode,so as to promote the rapid growth of precision mold business, and it is committed to become the leading precision mold industry chain comprehensive solution supplier.