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How do Chinese micro injection mold makers break through the siege?

2021-12-14 00:00:00

During the "eleventh five-year Plan" period, mold industry production and sales is flourishing, output, quality and level of further improvement. Especially the development of automobile manufacturing industry and IT manufacturing industry, they pull the improvement of mold grade and provide a development platform for the improvement of the technical level of micro injection mold . However, China's micro injection mold strength still has a big gap with developed countries.

In this economic situation, how can micro injection mold makers grasp business opportunities and occupy a place in the international market? Relevant experts believe that: to take the road of brand building, pay attention to the information construction of enterprises, pay attention to the development of international market of enterprises, and realize the specialized production of miniature injection mold, to miniature, precision, complex, efficient, long life and multi-function direction is the inevitable trend. In terms of the overall development trend of micro injection moulds in China, the manufacturers of micro injection moulds with advantages should strengthen their union, form a large-scale and high-grade industrial cluster mould city, constantly highlight the agglomeration effect, and drive the rapid development of local or surrounding areas.

At the same time, micro injection mold makers should pay more attention to its development trend:

1. High precision

With the rapid development of micro injection mold industry, more and more micro injection mold makers realize that the precision of mold size is the most important factor to manufacture high precision, high quality and high-tech products, and also an important index to determine the quality of micro injection mold.

2. New

Whether to master new mold design and manufacturing technology is the lifeblood of a mold enterprise. The new design of micro-injection mold has become the resource of micro-injection mold makers to make brand, but also become its bargaining chip to compete with high-quality customers.

Under the situation of strong market demand, it is also the accumulation stage of micro injection mold makers' transformation and upgrading and survival of the fittest. So, how can micro injection mold makers achieve their breakthrough road?

Experts believe that: Only towards the direction of more miniature, precision, complex and rapid economic development, constantly improve the technical content, constantly shorten the manufacturing cycle and towards information, digital, fine, high-speed and automation direction development, can further enhance the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of all aspects,and can lead China's micro-injection mold industry to the world market.