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Micro injection molding technology that micro injection mold makers should pay attention to

2021-07-31 00:00:00

With the increasing demand for miniaturization and precision products, micro-injection molds have penetrated into all walks of life. Micro injection mold makers are also facing more opportunities. The level of mold technology determines the quality, efficiency, and product development capabilities of products. Therefore, micro-injection mold makers should pay more attention to micro-injection molding technology to lay a solid technical foundation.

Now we start to talk about micro-injection molding technology.

What is micro injection molding technology?

Like traditional injection molding technology, micro injection molding technology includes four aspects: micro injection molding machine, micro injection molding mold, micro injection molding material, and micro injection molding process.

So what are the advantages of micro injection molding technology?

Micro injection molding technology can process plastic products with microstructure characteristics and the molding process is simple. In addition, micro injection molding has good product geometry, size and material adaptability, low cost, high efficiency, continuous, automatic production, etc. advantage.

Micro injection molding technology has the characteristics of high molding efficiency, good size and quality consistency, etc., which can meet the needs of various small devices or devices for complex plastic parts.

In addition to the size of the micro-injection molding mold is significantly smaller than that of the traditional mold, it also has the following characteristics: due to the small size, the number of cavities is reduced, which is beneficial to improve the balance of the mold and improve the appearance and size accuracy of the product; because of the small size, it is easier to control the stability of the mold temperature, meet the requirements of precision molding, and save the energy required for mold heating/cooling; hot runner system is recommended; mold cost is low, and the development cycle is short.

It is precisely because micro injection molding technology has so many advantages, so its development in the field of micro molding is very rapid.

However, the micro-injection molding process also has its shortcomings. The flow channel is large, and sometimes the material in the flow channel may account for 90% of the total injection weight. Moreover, for the application of micro injection products, the materials in the flow channel cannot be recycled and reused in most cases, and the material waste is serious.

In fact, only if micro-injection mold makers do a good job of technical checks and master the core technology in their own hands, can they master the initiative and achieve long-term development.