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How to choose a suitable micro-injection mold maker?

2021-09-10 00:00:00

Nowadays, the micro-injection mold market is booming. However, there are many micro-injection mold makers. How can we choose a reliable micro-injection mold maker? It is not only to choose a reliable one, but more importantly, to choose the right one?

We give the following aspects as a reference:


1. Look at the scale of micro injection mold makers

Regarding the scale of micro-injection mold makers, first of all, we must avoid two extremes. One is not to over-great scale. Although large-scale mold suppliers are well-equipped and have more standardized management, they often have a relatively fixed customer market and products are often more specialized. In the first cooperation, if there is no large order, just simply open the mold, it is easy to cause the manufacturer to fail to cooperate or directly refuse.

The other is to choose a particularly small-scale, small-scale manufacturer whose management is not standardized, and it is easy to lose trust. Moreover, the production capacity of relatively small manufacturers is limited, and many of them are outsourced, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality and delivery time.

Therefore, the ideal micro-injection mold maker's scale is the same as your company's scale, or a medium-scale manufacturer whose production capacity and quality can meet your requirements.


2. Look at the micro-injection mold design ability

Mold design is an important link that cannot be ignored in the production of mold products, especially for micro-injection molds.

For tools, designers can’t just focus on product design and ignore mold manufacturing. Therefore, before cooperating with micro-injection mold makers, we must communicate with the manufacturers in advance and choose manufacturers with high practicality and high design capabilities.


3. Look at the manufacturer's production capacity and quality control ability

When inspecting the production capacity of the manufacturer, you can decide whether to match according to the product accuracy you require. Survey whether the manufacturer’s processing equipment meets the requirements. In addition, depending on the manufacturer's quality control capabilities, there is a sound quality management system, and the quality system can be continuously and effectively improved through internal and external audits to fully meet customer expectations.


4. Look at the supplier’s production schedule and quotation

Before determining the cooperative relationship, the supplier should be required to list the product processing project cycle and time nodes in detail to determine whether there is a delivery risk.

In short, there is no shortage of micro-injection mold makers in the current market, but the quality of the manufacturers is uneven. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable and suitable manufacturer. You can refer to the above aspects. Finally, we wish you all can find a trustworthy vendors who cooperate happily.