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Rich cafe


Rich cafe is a pet-friendly coffee shop hidden in Mie, Xinbei. "Riqi" is a combination of the names of the founder's couple. Although Rich cafe uses similar pronunciation of Rich, it also has rich and diverse meanings, which is the concept that the boss wants to convey to the guests.


Opening the door, there are stained-glass wind chandeliers in European churches. The small objects in various places in the store are mostly souvenirs returned from business trips. Representatives from various countries in Asia, Europe and Australia . Not only makes this environment full of exotic atmosphere, the combination and decoration of several special styles, but they also compete with each other without losing their own style, but also in response to the boss's original intention to create Rich coffee.



Every seat has sockets available, so you can focus on your business without worrying about power. Leaning on the large glass curtain, there will be sunshine to accompany you as a companion; and the comfortable sofa position is the favorite area of all ages.
There is a lovely dog ,whose name is “Rich” ,he is always naughty. He is not our colleague ,but also the red card of Rich Cafe.



In addition, we have a net beauty box on the second floor for small groups. The styles of the three independent boxes are not repeated, and the number of people they can accommodate is also different.




Recommended meals: Thai Risotto with Chicken、Fried platter、Original Waffle、Chicken& Cheese Sandwich、Smoked Salmon Salad、Ice Drip Coffee、handmade Ice cream、Coffee Jelly


Thai Risotto with Chicken Fried platter Original Waffle
Chicken& Cheese Sandwich Smoked Salmon Salad Ice Drip Coffee
handmade Ice cream Coffee Jelly  


Welcome to call / come to make an appointment with Rich Coffee for coffee and food!


No. 1, Lane 234, Dingfu Street, Mie District, New Taipei City 241
02 8983 7707
Business hours:11:00~21:00
Phone:02 8983 7707